In 2013, BlueShift Engineering, Inc. was awardepatent #8,555,977 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a Remotely Operated Redirection Plenum Chamber for Spill Response. The RPC is also pending patent approval in the European Patent Office with an anticipated award in 2015.

A great amount of interest has surrounded the announcement of our RPC ROV. Since August 2010, more than twenty engineers and drilling professionals in the Subsea industry have examined our device and have yet to find a fatal flaw. We believe that our principle of simple solutions contributed greatly to these reviews.

The Deepwater Hydrocarbon Spill Response ROV is a simple, revolutionary solution to an uncontrolled hydrocarbon release in deepwater. The most basic design that is capable of deployment within hours. Designed in response to the Macondo Prospect Incident, the collar and grip systems are interchangeable, customized to fit the target riser pipe. Deployed from a surface vessel or garaged at depth, the BlueShift ROV can be on site within hours.

Designed to be NTL No. 2010-N10 compliant[1], BlueShift is proud to contribute to safe offshore hydrocarbon exploration. In addition to providing a surface transfer capability, The ROV includes an emergency shut-off valve. This can be engaged in moments to stop the flow of hydrocarbon to the receiving vessel in the event of heavy seas or safety concerns. 

[1] Statement of Compliance with Applicable Regulations and Evaluation of Information Demonstrating Adequate Spill Response and Well Containment Resources – US Dept. of Interior BOEMRE